Superior IRON-ARTz LLC

Superior IRON-ARTz LLC custom manufacturing offers customizable metal signs, garden gates, fixtures and other custom designed products at very reasonable prices. Our focus is high quality and versatilaty.  Our unique approach allows our customers to design their own products and to change them over time to suit their needs saving money over the life of the product.

Customizable components allow for ongoing opportunities to keep your product fresh and interesting for years of enjoyment by allowing changes of seasonal or holiday elements.

Products are designed with a unified modular design to allow maximum flexibility. This allows us to customize designs on a detailed basis to suit the individual tastes of our customers. Products can be designed with interchangeable letters, decorative elements and brackets.

We also offer custom metal manufacturing for our affiliate and craftsmen customers as well as website services and other marketing opportunities. 

We are currently working on developing our affiliate and craftsman program to allow customers interested in working with us to develop their products and marketing opportunities.  If you are interested in participating in Superior IRON-ARTz LLC affiliate program please sign up for our newsletter or create an account and contact us with your interest and we will keep you informed as we have news available.

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Custom Metal Laser Etched Grave Memorial

Laser Etched metal grave memorial marker

Great Lakes Wall Clock

Great Lakes Wall clock by Superior IRON-ARTz.

Lake Superior Copper Earing and Necklace Pendants

Lake Superior copper necklace and earing pendants from Superior IRON-ARTz LLC.

Lake Superior Laser Etched Bathymetry depth Map

Lake Superior wood laser etched bathymetry depth map